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Sales Information

I have the right to refuse/cancel a sale at any time.

1. I accept cash, as well as a check (however, will not receive your bun till the check clears) credit card and paypal.

2. When you leave with your rabbit, you also leave with a care package! It includes a simple care sheet, and a pedigree if available and change over feed.

3. Sales are based on a first serve, first come basis. 

4. All show quality rabbits come with a complete pedigree, unless marked otherwise. (Changing or removing our "Patchwork Willow Rabbitry" prefix is prohibited.)

5. All rabbits sold are healthy, to the best of my knowledge, at the time of sale. I can not be held responsible for any vet costs. I will not replace or refund rabbits that become ill or die due to neglect, stress, improper care, improper feeding, and/or improper handling.

6. All show quality animals are sold without any known disqualifications at the time of sale, but are not guaranteed to place at shows. I can not guarantee show quality, reproductive ability, or quality of the offspring, as this is near impossible to predict. But I do not sell any rabbit for show that I would not put on the show table myself.

7. I make every possible effort to correctly sex your rabbit at time of sale, BUT a breeder can make a mistake sexing a young rabbit. Buyer knows this upfront and accepts this possibility.

8. All my rabbits are priced based on their show quality, color, pedigree, and age. Prices are subject to change at any time.

 Patchwork Willow Rabbitry reserves the right to make any changes to this policy if needed.

Thank you for reading our sales policy if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask!! :)

Other Buying/Selling Policies


If you have found a rabbit that you like on this site, you may place a hold on it to guarantee that it will not be sold before you can get to my farm to purchase your bun. I will hold a rabbit for a period of two (2) weeks with a 50% non-refundable deposit per rabbit. The balance is due at time of pickup. I cannot hold a rabbit longer than two (2) weeks unless a prior agreement has been made. The only exception to this two (2) week holding rule is if you place a hold on an animal that is under eight weeks old. Wisconsin State Law requires a rabbit to be at least 8 weeks old before being sold. After the animal turns eight weeks old, the above two week holding period becomes effective.

After the two weeks have passed, and no written agreement has been made, the buyer forfeits the rabbit and all deposits. The rabbit is then placed back up for sale.


I do my best to show you how to care for your rabbit by giving you a rabbit care sheet at your time of purchase, but if you ever have any questions don't be afraid to ask! If at any time you can no longer care for your new bun. I will be willing to take the rabbit back but with no cash back. You then surrender your rabbit to PWR and all property of the rabbit such as the pedigree if possible.

Show, Brood, and Pet quality rabbits

Show Quality: A show quality rabbit is a rabbit that is sold with no known DQ's at the time of sale, and is a good example of the breed. Show quality rabbits come with a full pedigree. Show quality rabbits are determined by the ARBA standard book of perfection for the breed. I only sell rabbits as show quality if I would take them to a show myself, otherwise they are sold as pet quality.

Breed Quality: A brood quality rabbit is a rabbit of good quality, but may have a fault that does not allow it to be shown. (such as the wrong toenail color or a torn ear) These rabbits can still produce very good quality show animals. Brood Quality are sold with full Pedigrees.

Pet Quality: This rabbit does not come with a pedigree, but I do give new owners a rabbit birth certificate :) Pet Quality animals are rabbits that are non-showable based on the ARBA standard book of perfection, or they do not fit my requirements for a show quality rabbit. A pet quality rabbit is still a lovely rabbit-there is nothing wrong with it health- wise or temperament- wise. These rabbits are not recommended to be used for breeding.

Don't forget:

When you come to pick up your new friend, please bring a carrying case for your rabbit to take them home in. If you do not have a carrying case, a card board box with blankets will do nicely for transportation purposes.

Shipping rabbits:

Due to the expensive airline tickets and the fact that rabbits can be hurt or killed because of stress due to flying, Patchwork Willow Rabbitry does not ship rabbits at this time. If you have another method for getting rabbits to various places, please don't be afraid to let me know!