Patchwork Willow Rabbitry


Welcome to Patchwork Willow Rabbitry!

I raise Netherland Dwarfs, French Angora, Dwarf Hotot and mix meat mutts in Wilson, WI. I will happily allow visitors to my rabbitry with an appointment!

American Rabbit Breeders Association Member

My name is Abbie, and I own and manage Patchwork Willow Rabbitry. I am a rabbit breeder, and I started through 4-H  helping my sister. Now I travel hours away for ARBA shows. I have a small rabbitry, where every rabbit gets the attention they deserve. All of my kits are handled from the day they are hopping around their cage, and are very socialized.

I take pride in my rabbits! I will never knowingly sell ill/aggressive rabbits. Check out our sales policy page! 


Rescued Rabbits

Although my rabbitry is not a rescue, I will consider taking healthy rabbits and re-homing them if there is no other option for the bunny and I have room available. Any supplies that you may have are greatly appreciated to help house the bunny until I can find them forever homes. I hate seeing domestic bunnies let loose into the wild, where they will not survive for more than a few days.

I am also always looking for gently used supplies! Contact me with anything rabbit related you are interested in getting rid of. If I need it, we can work out a price.

My Rabbit Story 

My rabbitry started when I received a very special black otter Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Buck named Oscar from my sister. He was the start of my love for bunnies. 

I started my business with my husband, Ricky. We got started right away finding cages and rabbits worthy to start my rabbitry! I have friended so many great people through raising rabbits, and I have learned so many things through raising rabbits, from business skills to animal husbandry, and homesteading. I started my rabbitry with 1 buck (Oscar) and 2 young does (Annie and Roxy). All of these 3 are full pedigreed and breeding to improve Netherland Dwarf's for pets, show, and loving companions.